Meet Bethany

Bethany is a highly motivated, detail-oriented, professional planner. Her passion for perfectly orchestrated events and activities instills confidence in her ability to deliver.

Rarely do people have the opportunity to follow their dreams. Bethany has had the aspiration of being an event planner since she was five years old, when she first saw Father of the Bride. With a perfect combination of family values, comedy and - of course - wedding planning, Father of the Bride is by far one of Bethany’s favorite movies.

More than just wedding planning, Bethany brings almost 10 years of professional experience to the table. She has an extensive breadth of exposure, having planned all types of events: from black tie galas to outdoor concerts, from university ceremonies to themed parties and weddings. She has a knack for planning any event with a smile, and a talent for positive results despite any adversity. 

No matter where you may be in the planning stages, Bethany offers a number of services with varying levels of involvement. Whether you have a Pinterest board dedicated to your special day - or just know your favorite colors - Bethany will help you define a cohesive style for your big day. If your company has a specific event or just a special theme, Bethany will assist in the development of a vision that will make your corporate event remarkable. 
At the core of every event, Bethany's goal is to make sure that your personal style shines through.
​ So what are you waiting for, let us starting planning your next event!

Bethany Moore

Owner / Designer / Coordinator

Bethany believes...

  • Her Christian faith is very important to her.
  • New York City, wine and Monopoly are always a good idea. 
  • Nothing can beat fresh flowers beautifully arranged on the dining room table. (Especially if said flowers are from her husband.)
  • Olives should be their own food group.
  • Father of the Bride, You've Got Mail, Pride & Prejudice and Harry Potter (all 8) are the best movies of ALL TIME and should be watched as frequently as possible. 
  • Traveling the world is a must.
  • Christmas should be celebrated all year long.
  • Baking is the best way to de-stress.
  • She will one day beat her husband in tennis.
  • Pumpkin Spice & Peppermint Lattes should be available 365 days a year. 
  • All you need is a perfect manicure, Kate Spade office supplies and a delicious cup of coffee to take over the world.


Photos by Redwall Photo